Mrs Sew & So Thirties Needlework Design

A colourful, bold Mrs Sew & So design suitable for cushions, bags or other needlework projects. Worked in soft cotton, the design is inspired by the 1930s floral motifs, densely stitched with strong colours in traditional Soft Cottons. Our cushion is 42 x 55cm, but the pattern can be enlarged to suit your project. 

You trace the design onto the fabric, stitches are shown and instructions are included. You match the colours to the picture.

The complete kit includes :

  • The pattern,
  • Fabric: a natural linen/cotton blend (110 x 20cm), sufficient for a project 55 x 50cm, including the backing,
  • 20 skeins of DMC Soft Cotton threads and needles to suit. (Note that some threads may be replaced by close variations of the colours when threads have not been available).
  • Needles to suit the project.

The thick Soft Cottons are very forgiving, this project is easy to work and and suited to someone with basic needlework skills.