About us

SACKVILLE & LANE grew out of a fabric, wool and haberdashery store in Wangaratta,  a country town in North East Victoria. The store had been there for years, part of the strong culture of textile crafts in the town, with its history of spinning and manufacturing textile industry. While the store is no longer there, we continue to draw on the expertise and inspiration of this tradition and we now operate online and at craft fairs and shows.

Our particular enthusiasm is traditional designs with beautiful contemporary materials. We like mainly natural fibres: linen, wool, silk and cotton, and of course are very happy to see them mixed together. We like beautiful colours: lovely natural colours, soft cottage colours, and edgy bright ones too.

We work in different textile crafts: knitting & crochet, patchwork, needlecraft, a bit of dress-making, and with pure wool felt. We are not a textile emporium, don't have lots of things, just things we really like.

Customers often come back to us with their completed projects and we share and enjoy their pride in their work. All very inspiring.