Beautiful embroidery by Mrs Sew & So

Heather Scovell
21 October 2016

Gail Bett, “Mrs Sew & So” has a new range of beautiful embroidery designs. These are available as patterns and kits, designs are easily adapted for different projects such as cushions or bags.

Gail’s designs are inspired by a wide range of influences, from traditional European embroidery to her interest in Indian textile culture and design. Her designs have traditional references with contemporary style and appeal. Her colours are really beautiful. Some soft muted natural colours, others bold, always in interesting and unusual combinations.

SACKVILLE & LANE is having an Open House in Northcote with Gail on the 18th November. This is an opportunity to see her work and hear about her inspiration and approach, and to share her enthusiasm for creating really beautiful embroidery pieces.

Let us know if you are interested in joining us, email or call Heather on 0439 893 349.