SACKVILLE & LANE Spring Projects

Sackville & Lane
07 September 2021

Well, we didn’t have our Pop-up, and this year's Craft Fairs are not looking good either... But that hasn’t stopped us bringing out some new projects for you to work on this Spring. Here’s a round up of some of the new arrivals to our web store.

Our new snuggly Angora Baby Hats are soft and light, and very, very sweet. These patterns are ideal for beginners, quick and easy to make for all the lockdown babies.

The cotton Washcloths and Dishcloths come with three knitting and three crochet patterns each, are another easy, pick-up-and-finish project for Spring. A useful gift in the true spirit of home crafts.

The beautiful String Bags to fill up with bunches of wattle, Spring produce and market shopping.

Our Baby Alpaca Scarf, a project with a bit more work, but worth the while to make a beautiful light scarf for balmy Spring evenings. The scarf also comes in lovely Spring colours so you can match the surrounding flora.

Keep busy and enjoy the changing season to Spring,

cheers Heather   @sackvilleandlane