We have been spending our time in lock-down busily working on our new website, which we’ve updated with a range of SACKVILLE & LANE products for this season. As the days get shorter stay, cosy with our range of textiles and homewares.

We will miss catching up with everyone at this year’s craft fairs such as the Australian Quilt Convention and the Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show. These events are always fun and very inspiring. But instead, we’ve had the opportunity to work on SACKVILLE & LANE projects, including a collection of cotton string bag crochet kits and some lovely new scarves on the way. These, along with our much-loved projects from our range of knitting, quilting and embroidery are all on the new website.

We invite you to browse the new SACKVILLE & LANE online, and our range of this season’s projects, perfect for being stuck at home, indoors or catching some warm rays from the Autumn sun.